Earth Day Climate Fest Activities and Resources

After attending this event, you may be asking yourself what more you can do. Check out the following list of suggestions provided by participants at the Fest.

    1. Visit to learn more about actions we can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Sign up for the Waggle Newsletter. Check out the Regeneration Framework for Action. And if you are really motivated, develop a Punch List and post it on the Regeneration Website!
    2. Get involved locally and plan to attend our Climate Action Healdsburg General Meeting on August 14 at 6 pm at the Healdsburg Community Center. Find out what you can do to address the climate crisis in Healdsburg. Email to be placed on the mailing list and notified about the time, location and agenda for the meeting.
    3. Sign the petition for More Street Trees in HealdsburgEncourage the City of Healdsburg to develop a plan to encourage street trees next to and near roads and sidewalks in all neighborhood.
    4. Learn about the CONGAS victories in Sonoma County and support their efforts to stop all NEW gas stations locally. Healdsburg is one of only two jurisdictions which has NOT passed a city ordinance banning the construction of new gas stations.
 5. Download the Climate Action Now app on your phone. It’s easy to do something daily on a local, statewide, national or international level. You can comment to state legislators about proposed laws or find out more about creating a circular economy. It’s also a place where you can give earth wise gifts like cleaner air or a planted tree.

6. Endorse Climate Safe California. This initiative was developed locally by the Climate Center in Santa Rosa. The four pillars are: 1) Phase out fossil fuels. 2) Scale up natural carbon sequestration. 3) Invest in community resilience. 4) Fund climate action.

7. Educate yourself about the impact of the climate crisis on women and girls both locally and internationally. Find out what you can do to address it and learn more about what the American Association of University Women is doing about this.

Why is the education of women and girls so important? Take our survey to find out.

Developed by the AAUW Healdsburg Public Policy Committee

Women and the Climate Crisis Survey